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Recycling & Disposing of Commercial Battery and Lamp

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Our Recycling and Disposal Services include:

Light Bulbs

disposal of lamps and ballast
  • 4' Fluorescent and under straight lamps
  • 5' Fluorescent and over straight lamps
  • Compact Fluorescent
  • Low Pressure Sodium Lamps
  • Shielded Fluorescent, all lengths
  • U Shape & Circular Fluorescent
  • HID Lamps
  • Incandescent Bulbs
  • Mirrored Spot Lamps
  • Broken/Crushed Fluorescent/HID Lamps (packaged in sealed containers)
  • UV Lamps

Dry Battery Cells

recycling dry cell batteries
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Nickel Zinc
  • Absolyte Cells
  • Alkaline: Zero Mercury Added
  • Alkaline: Containing Mercury
  • ß
  • Zinc-Carbon
  • Zinc – Air
  • Lead-Acid Cylinder Type
  • Lead-Acid Gel Type
  • Lead-Acid Steel Case
  • Mercury
  • Button Cells: Silver, Mercury, Zinc Air
  • Lithium
  • Lithium Ion

Wet Battery Waste Materials

recycling wet cell batteries
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nickel Iron
  • Absolyte Cells
  • Carbon Air
  • Carbon Air with Mercury
  • Lead Acid Automotive Type
  • Lead Acid Steel Case
  • Magnesium
  • Mercury
  • Co-Mingled – Mixed Battery

Computers and Computer Components

  • Laptops
  • Towers
  • Scanners
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Keyboards
  • Disk Drives
  • Wireless and Wired Mouse
  • Routers
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Hard Drives

Mobile Devices and Tablets

  • Flip Phones
  • Smart Phones
  • Cordless Phone Systems
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free Devices
  • Battery Chargers
  • Conference Speaker Phones
  • KindleTablets
  • iPad Tablets
  • IPod Music Devices
  • Smart Speaker Systems
  • Wireless Speaker Systems

Electronic Circuit Boards

  • Batteries: provides the voltage to the circuit
  • Resistors: control the electric current as it passes through them
  • LEDs: light emitting diode
  • Transistors: amplifies a charge
  • Wire Bundles: wrapped wire packs
  • Fans: cooling for the components
  • Capacitators: these are components which can harbour electrical charge
  • Inductors: stores a charge and stops a change in current
  • Diode: allows current to pass in one direction only
  • Switches: allows current to pass depending if it is closed or open

Recycling Automobile Airbag Systems

airbagSupplemental restraint systems, or airbags, have been required in all new passenger vehicles since 1989 and over the course of those nearly 30 years, many of these vehicles have wound up in vehicle dismantling facilities—junkyards—for recycling.

Where years ago only two airbags were typical in a vehicle, one in the steering wheel and another in the dashboard forward the right passenger seat. Nowadays, there can be up to 12 airbags per auto: side-impact airbags, curtain airbags, head-protection airbags, front center airbags, knee airbags, and more.

  • Sorting & Packing: place deployed and non-deployed airbags into the provided shipping containers, then schedule a container pick-up with Universal Waste Disposal
  • Transportation: a licensed hazardous waste processor will collect the container and ensure the airbags are handled in compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Processing: hazardous materials are removed from the destroyed airbags, while the remaining airbag components are recycled to form plastic pellets and metal sheets
  • Documentation: a certificate of destruction, bill of lading and other applicable paperwork is required in order to be reimbursed for complying with recall specifications

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